Academy of Okinawan Karate

Taught by Shuri-ryu Chief Instructor Joey Johnston


Mr. Josh Carter

If you would like to train with Sensei Carter in Morton, please contact us at (309) 692-2499. You can also reach the Morton dojo directly at (309) 263-2112.


2006- Began his study of the martial arts, studying Karate-do and later Kobudo under Shihan Joseph Walker

2007- Passed his first weapons test and earned his bo patch, signaling proficiency with the bo

2008- Passed his second weapons test and earned his sai patch

2009- Began working at the Academy of Okinawan Karate in Peoria, Illinois

2009- Passed his third weapons test and earned his tonfa patch

2010- Began taking trips with Shihan Walker and other students of the AOK to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he trained with fellow Shuri-Ryu students and the head of Shuri-Ryu: O’Sensei Robert Bowles

2011- Traveled to Hawaii with Shihan Joseph Walker and fellow students of the AOK, where he trained alongside Shiroma Sensei

2012- Voted best instructor of the Academy of Okinawan Karate by the students of the AOK

2013- Promoted by Shihan Joseph Walker to Shodan, first degree black belt.

2014- Passed his fourth weapons test and earned his kama patch

2016- Passed his fifth weapons test and earned his nunchaku patch

2017- Promoted to Nidan, second degree black belt

         Began working as the head instructor of the Morton AOK